Respectfully to:

The International Human Rights Committee

The Amnesty International Organization

Dear Sir / Madam,

My name is Nguyễn Thị Ngọc Hạnh I am an active member of the Amnesty International My membership number is: 2701265

Viet Nam stated that about 3:30 Pm of December 16, 2016,the authorities of the Viet

Nam socialist government based on the Act 79 of the Civil Laws ” involved in the action

against the Viet Nam government ” and put a sentence of 13 years in prison plus 5 years under probation to Colonel Trần Anh Kim & Mr. Lê Thanh Tùng got a sentence of 12 years in prison plus 4 years under probation. The attorney who defend to Mr. Lê Thanh Tùng said that Mr. Trần Anh Kim was a Colonel in the Vietnam People’s army. Colonel Trần Anh Kim want to create a non -violent organization under the name

” The Việt Nam People ‘s fighting for the Democracy in Viet Nam ” with the idea to ask for the Democracy in Viet Nam.


We strongly believe that to create a political organization fighting for the Democracy is supported by the International High Commission and International Conventions for the rights in political as well as in civilian laws.

In that direction, it is completely unacceptable to base on the Act 79 of the Criminal Codes to accuse unfairly to the people who are trying to fight for the Democracy and Freedom.

This action is very unfair and brutal that the Vietnam Communist Party want to put a pressure on the patriot citizens who are having the opposite opinion.

We, the organizations with a goal to bring Freedom and Democracy to our

Vietnamese citizens, we are raising our voice to accuse the Vietnamese Communist government who treat very unfairly to their own citizens before the whole free world.

We, the citizens in the Free countries asking the help from all the non-communist

countries in the world help us to stop the Vietnamese Communist government must seriously follow and obey sincerely the agreements of the International High Commission and International Conventions for the rights in political and civilian laws.

We, all the Vietnamese living in the free countries around the world are strongly bring up to your attention the severe violation of Human Rights and Democracy of the Viet Nam authorities.

We, the citizens of many countries in the world are asking for your help to stop

immediately the Vietnamese Communist Government of their illegally actions upon their own citizens.

We, all the Vietnamese in Viet Nam and abroad are raising our voice with the Viet

Nam Communist Government must accept and practice the Human Rights and the

Democracy as you are a member of the United Nations.

December 16, 2016

Respectfully yours


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